Still not Convinced? 

This stuff is amazing. So much easier to use this than to make my own “golden paste” for my pups who have luxating patellas. They seem to be more eased with running/walking than before. Love it.
I have been putting this on my dog’s food for several weeks now. He is 14, a westie, so small. He also gets glucosamine chondroiton & fish old. Since adding the Turmeric, he seems more active! Guess it is helping his joints. Plus, he has always been a picky eater. His tummy gets upset, he won’t eat, then he has to get an antacid. Well, he has gotten an upset tummy only once since being on this and it was not very serious! I will continue him on this!
Our 9-year old dog Lola absolutely LOVES this turmeric liquid! We call it her “Happy Juice” and she won’t eat her food without it. We have definitely seen a difference in her mobility, energy and playfulness over the last month. We will definitely buy this product again and again. Lola also loves the Turmeric Dog Treats from the same company.