Our Own Journey with Turmeric

Before Golden Wellness Dogs was even conceived, I started using turmeric for my own health issues.

In my personal, ongoing battle of losing weight, I had watched a podcast on women’s health with a doctor from India talking about inflammation and why it causes so many problems in our bodies including difficulty in losing weight. This led to making a turmeric mix to help me jump-start my weight loss.

Upon further research, I found out turmeric is good for just about everyone including most animals.  This really caught my attention because at that time, I had three older dogs. They were all 14 years old and showing the typical signs of aging, difficulty standing up and lying down, arthritis, lack of energy, lumps and bumps; and the list just went on.  

So, every morning and evening, we all had our daily dose of turmeric.  Before we knew it, we all felt better!  It was after seeing our own and many of our friends’ dogs suffer needlessly, we decided to create, and share, turmeric products with as many people as possible.